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Tutorial: How to Modify Your Mask

Tutorial: How to Modify Your Mask

Hey, y'all.  Well, I cannot believe that I'm writing a post about face masks but here we are.  First of all, if you have already bought one of our face masks, thank you so much for not only supporting my studio, but most importantly, for doing your part in keeping all of us safe.  If you are still in the mask-buying market, here is a little bit more information about our masks and how to make some adjustments to them if you choose.


There are a lot of face masks designs out there and it can be hard to know which one is the right one for you until you've tried out a few.  In general, there are two main design constructions, around the head + behind the ears.  Here was our list of pros + cons when deciding which we would make.  (nerd alert!)

Around the Head
PRO / Snug fit, comfortable, secure 
CON / Requires two hands to put on, band could slide if you have super straight/silky/clean hair (I wish I could relate!)

Behind the Ears
PRO / Easy to take on/off, no hair concerns
CON / Uncomfortable, especially for long-day use, looser fit, sides tend to gab open

After a lot of consideration, we decided for our face masks to be constructed with an elastic band that is meant to go around the head (in two places, at the top and bottom).  Because we also knew, that if someone really wanted the behind the ear design, we could probably figure out an easy way to modify it.

So here you go!  Below is a quick + easy tutorial on how to take one of our around the head face masks and turn it into a behind the ears mask.  Just know that once you make the switch, there's not much going back.  As they say, measure twice, cut once.

Step 1: Pull on the elastic cord and rotate it so that you find the hidden knot in one of the seams.

Step 2: Untie the elastic knot or cut close to the knot. 

Step 3: With the elastic cord running through both of the side seams, cut the other end of the elastic so that you now have two separate pieces of elastic.

Step 4: Knot both cords separately so that they form two ear loops.  This may take some adjusting and trying on the masks to make sure the size of the loops is correct.  

Step 5: Once you have a good fit, simply slide the elastic knots back into the side seams to hide them.

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