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The Party is Almost Over

The Party is Almost Over

It’s time for a change.  For a while now, if I’m perfectly honest, I’ve been quite at odds with my studio practice.  Bored.  Uninspired.  Lazy.  When I stepped away last year for 6 months, I wanted to return with a fresh start.  But old habits die hard, as they say, and I found myself sucked into the same mode of making.  Design.  Spends lots of money to manufacture.  Then try to sell and market until I’m blue in the face to try to make back all the money and then some.  It’s an exhausting cash flow dance.  Y’all, I’m ready to move on. 

When I first birthed a textile line back in 2014 and then later expanded to wrapping paper, the world looked quite different.  I don’t want to waste time reflecting on the good olde days because I don’t think that’s entirely why I’m ready for a creative switch.  But somehow, it felt easier to be seen, heard, and valued seven years ago.  But speaking of values, I know my values have shifted and changed considerably since then, beginning with my desire to consume less and therefore produce less.  Then there is motherhood, the most vast and beautiful job there has ever been and I’m perfectly ok with taking my child to the library instead of trying to squeeze in hours in my studio.

I’m quite proud of all that this little studio has been able to accomplish.  I’ve had six incredible assistants over the years, who I’ve been able to mentor + teach + eventual pay a living wage.  Thanks to all of your purchases, nearly 20k meals have been donated to Feeding America.  Our wrapping paper has graced the shelves of Anthropologie and the cover of Country Living Magazine.  Our textiles have been in numerous publications and included in noteworthy shops, such as Simon Pierce and Terrain.  Etsy featured our shop.  Lots of boxes have been checked off my internal “success” list -- making it actually easier to say goodbye rather than hard.

Lastly, I cannot tell you what an honor it has been to create items that you hold dear in your home.  I see you around the table having dinner with our napkins.  I see you unwrapping your gifts around the holidays + on your most treasured occasions.  I see you serving cocktails to friends and family with our cocktail napkins.  I see your weddings, with our wrapping paper used as beautiful table runners.  I see you styling your shelves with our unique vintage finds.  And in 2020, I saw you wearing our masks as you did your part to keep us all safe.  It has been such a gift to be the artist in the background, serving your life creatively.

But as my family and I decide to hit the road again for a few months, I am ready to make the final call.  My creative pursuits will continue -- under the same name -- but I am no longer going to be making and selling products as I have in the past.  

All remaining stock will be 40% off starting Tuesday, June 22nd at 7pm est.  Discount applied at checkout.  No code needed.  Not retroactive.  All sales are final.  Shop will close at midnight Monday, June 28th.  

Thank you, friends + customers.  It’s been quite a pleasure.  See you on the flipside.  

XO, Bonnie


Jun 29, 2021

You write so beautifully, Bonnie. I could feel all the emotions you’ve been experiencing while making this decision because you expressed them all so well. What a wonderful successful chapter you have now finished and I know the next chapter will be equally beautiful and giving. You have such a dear heart. Much love, Suzanne

Jun 29, 2021

Thank you so much for sharing your talents. I continue to enjoy the items you have created and wish you all the best in what comes before you.

Ann Freerks

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