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On the Road | Month #1

On the Road | Month #1

We did it!  My husband, young daughter, old dog and I hit the road on our grand adventure in our 1972 vintage Avion camper.  We are approximately one month plus in, with over 3000 miles under our belt, and a heck of a lot of goldfish crumbs in our back seat.  

From our home in Johnson City, TN we started north to Lawrenceburg, KY to meet up with some dear friends from our Brooklyn days.  Then we headed up to South Haven, MI to get our Avion door repaired (thanks, Cayo Repair!) - believe it or not, vintage camper repair folks are hard to come by and we stumbled upon the grandson + grand nephew of the founders of Avion.  So now our camper door looks newer than the rest of it!

We skipped our way up to the UP of to eat a pasty, swim in Lake Superior, and put a bunch of rad rocks in our pockets.  And then we began the big journey westward, traveling through Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.  Most of our stopping spots have either been one-nighters at a Harvest Host site or staying two or three nights boondocking (dry camping for free in National Forests of BLM land).  We've been moving fast, but the slowdown has now begun.  

As I write this, we are nestled up in Missoula, MT for several days, meeting up with friends from our Philly days, happy to have new but familiar companionship -- and I'll be honest, a little civilization.  

Pictures can't come close to describing the majestic landscapes and experiences that we've been fortunate enough to see, but they will have to do the trick.  

Highlights include:
+ Camping along the rim of Badlands National Park
+ Watching a hail storm in The Black Hills, SD (+ then putting said hail from our camper awning into our cooler cause we were out of ice)
+ Stargazing in the Bighorn Mountains
+ Watching my husband fly fish in the Tetons National Park
+ Being wined + dined by friends of friends in a small town in WY
+ Exploring Ketchum, ID
+ Outside morning yoga before my daughter wakes up
+ Hot springs outside of Stanley, ID
+ Learning how to weave (with a fabulous mini loom kit by Twenty-Two West)

Lowlights include:
+ Being rattled at by a rattlesnake
+ Driving / backing the camper into tight spaces and trying to not have a panic attack
+ Mice
+ Trying to explain to a two and a half year old what an internet signal is and why she can't watch a show when we are in the middle of no where (I have since caved in and downloaded a couple things)

All in all, are having splendid time.  Seeing the country.  Figuring out how to lead a simple life.  Unplugging.  Getting an incredible tan.  Letting nature drive and inspire us in a million little + big ways.  And fostering family time that we will never, ever regret.  

It's pretty epic.  If you feel the call, I encourage you to do the same.  


Sep 01, 2020

Prayers! Have a blast! Love you three!❤️❤️💗🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Sep 01, 2020

Sounds fabulous and something I long to do myself…not sure I can get the hubby on board lol Thanks for sharing

Sep 01, 2020

Love this Bonnie…& the 4 of you ♥️ What a fantastic job of sharing this amazing journey with us. We are so happy for you. Love seeing all of the beautiful photos;) xoxo


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