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It Takes a Village: Production Update

It Takes a Village: Production Update

They say it takes a village to raise a child.

I also believe it takes a village to run a business after giving birth to said child.  

On December 29th, my husband and I welcomed our first child Magnolia Scout into the world.  Thanks to a big move back south after 12 years in Brooklyn and Philadelphia, we were firmly planted near family to help with all the sleepless nights, grocery shopping, and meltdowns (both Magnolia's and mine).  I realized very quickly that continuing my studio practice and running Bonnie Kaye Studio would need to look quite different.  

I knew that I wanted to be home with Magnolia -- to play with her, to watch her grow, to go on adventures.  And quite frankly, full time childcare was not an option with our budget.  I also knew that my brain and hands needed to keep creating.  But when you have a newborn to take care of, how can you possibly continue to manufacture your own goods?  Well, for me, I just can't.  There aren't enough hours in the day and my sanity just won't allow it.  

So in order to be perfectly candid and honest with my customers, I will tell you that I did not sew anything from this new collection.  I did, however, screen print everything.  I'm not sure that any of this matters to you, but it's a big transition for me.  I am so used to making everything by hand, my hands.  I'm learning that giving up some of that process (and control) means more time with my daughter and I am absolutely ok with that.

I partnered with a cut and sew facility that I have worked with a couple times in the past for large wholesalers (like Terrain and Simon Pearce).  They are located in the heart of Pennsylvania, 4th generation family owned and operated dating back to 1935.  I have been to their factory, met with the owner, and seen their clean and humble space.  There are just 5 employees there, with 4 of them having worked there for at least 15 years.  They have been an delight to work with, and I think they did a fabulous job.  I thought you might want to know who sewed your textiles.  It's important to me, and I thought it might be important to you, too.

Will I keep outsourcing the sewing?  Probably.  Will I keep screenprinting?  We'll see.  I just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and enjoying as much time as possible with lil' Magnolia.  

Because, they also say the time flies by.


The Spring/Summer 2018 collection will be available for purchase online starting Friday, June 1st -- assuming Magnolia gives her momma some excellent naps between now and then.

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Jun 01, 2018

So thrilled you found a compromise, Bonnie, that keeps you creating and gives you space to be the mom you want to be. Compromise is not a bad word like I was raised to think- it’s often the only way to keep everything moving forward with peace. Love watching you be a momma!


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