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Setting the Table (for any occasion)

Setting the Table (for any occasion)

If there's one thing I believe when it comes to hosting a meal, it's that a beautiful table is super easy and achievable.  And it certainly doesn't have to cost a lot of money. 

I recently sat down with some of my favorite, local maker/entrepreneur/go-getter girlfriends for a feast at our new favorite Johnson City restaurant Timber!  The table was styled super quickly and couldn't have felt more special for our Friendsgiving gathering.

Here are some of my go-to tips for setting your Thanksgiving Table (or any table, really!):

Start with a Base
This could be a table cloth, scarf, or long piece of fabric.  This has the ability to add pattern, texture, and warmth to your table (not to mention for easier cleanup + kinder to your table).  We're a little biased over here and love using our hand printed paper rolls as table runners, especially for potentially messy feasts!

Add Some Nature
Head outside with some shears or stop by your neighborhood florist to grab some in-season clippings.  It's amazing what you might be able to find in your own yard to add color and texture.  Pumpkins, evergreen, pinecones, and sticks are all perfect this time of year.

Mix and Match

No one said you ever had to have a set of matching plates, or napkins, or silverware.  Ok, maybe someone said that at one time, but I'm throwing it out the window.  It can help, though, to have one or two colors repeating for an overall feel, but otherwise you can probably get away with more than you think you can, especially in terms of pattern.

Welcome Guests
I love name cards at a table setting.  I think it makes a guest feel so special when they look down and see their name at a table.  For our Friendsgiving, I cut out some of our hand printed paper to lay on the plates -- and had one of my friends simply write our names in between the stripes.  We then topped the plates off with some dried flowers bound by a solid ribbon.  So easy.  

And really, that's it.  

At the end of the day, it's way more about the company you keep and the gratitude that you get to share together.  But a pretty table certainly helps to set the mood. ;)


More ideas can be found on this little Pinterest board!

Photography: @annahedges

My talented girlfriends, aka the models:
@charlottesflorals, mobile florist truck + shoppe owner
@wesleyjonesart, painter
@musetextiles, textile artist + printmaker 
@gingerandpearl, jewelry designer

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