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Around the Table with Charlotte's Florals

Around the Table with Charlotte's Florals

Welcome to our first blog series, Around the Table, where we talk with and interview other designers, makers, and entrepreneurs about their connection with food, cooking, and hospitality.  

Our first conversation is with Charlotte Julian, owner of Charlotte's Florals the first (and just the cutest!!) mobile flower truck here in East Tennessee.  She has just celebrated her first year of peddling flowers in her 1967 Ford Pickup.  And she's crushin' it!


Name: Charlotte Julian
Job Title: Flower Truck Girl Boss 
Location: Johnson City, TN

What does gathering around a table mean to you?
Gathering around a table, to me, is assembling together the ones you love, bringing stories, praises, ideas, heartache — whatever. It’s a place of belonging that we all need a little more of. It’s putting your phone down, it’s listening, it’s coming as you are.

How would you describe your ideal get-together?
My ideal get-together consists of a potluck (I come from a big family haha), stringed lights, a big ole table to fit everyone, great conversation & funny games to end the night! Oh and dogs, can’t forget dogs!

What did you eat for dinner last night?
Balsamic Fig Chicken with Sweet Potatoes & Mixed Greens — this was actually a meal from Hello Fresh, which works great with our busy weeks!

What was the last gift you gave?
I gifted my dad a book for Father’s Day that he read to me literally every night for about two years during my childhood (haha!). Gifts are definitely my love language + I love giving and receiving gifts that you know have great thought and meaning behind them.


Photos courtesy of Charlotte Julian 
Pictured with our Ranunculus Napkin/Placemats
You can follow along with Charlotte at @charlottesflorals

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