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Behind the Scenes with Ginger + Pearl

Behind the Scenes with Ginger + Pearl

It's not that often that I get to venture outside of the print world.  So when the idea popped in my head to collaborate with Grace of Ginger + Pearl, I was immediately pumped.

Grace and I have been friends for the last couple of years, meeting a local market and bonding over our similar maker momma paths.  (She even crazily had me model some of her jewelry for her last spring!) Grace had just started working with polymer clay, and she posted on Instagram a pair of earrings with an embossed simple geometric pattern that really stood out to me.  

I immediately texted her, let me make a pattern for you!  I knew it would be hard to make a tiny pattern, to the scale of earrings, but I thought that we could try to figure it out.  

We decided to make a limited edition of 30 pairs -- and it was a true collaboration from start to finish.  We each did studio visits with each other, to go over material options, sizes, pattern ideas, and the overall look we were trying to accomplish.  I carved multiple blocks while Grace embossed the clay to see which one spoke to us the most.  While Grace was busy making the earrings, I went back to my studio to screen print a special travel pouch for the earrings, and to shred some of my scrap wrapping paper to act as filler in the earring boxes.  And then we had our dear photographer friend, Anna Hedges, who shoots for both of our brands, photograph us modeling the product.

So meet Nova Flora!  Think sophisticated floral.  Slightly holiday-esque.  Perfect for Christmas or NYE thanks to the black and gold and nod to the snowflake and stars, but also just perfect everyday wears.

This was a true artist collaboration in every sense of the way, and it felt so, so good.  Our earrings are available for purchase on both of our websites -- and regardless of where you purchase, you are supporting two, small female-owned businesses!  We thank you!!

Nova Flora Earrings are available while supplies last.

Photography by Anna Hedges 

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