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5 Ways to Use Our Paper

5 Ways to Use Our Paper

I am a total paper person.  I could touch it, smell it, and find ways to hoard it all day long.  When I started hand printing paper, folks would tell me that it was just too pretty to use.  Nonsense!  Life is too darn short (+ weird, thanks Covid) to let things we love sit on a shelf or in a closet.  

But I get it.  You probably also want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck these days.  So here are my favorite tips + uses for our oh-so-gorgeous paper (yeah, I'm not biased at all!).

1 / Jazz up your meal in the prettiest way possible + use our paper rolls as a table runner.  Bonus: no stress if the wine spills!

 2 / Get creative with your next table setting, and use our paper for name cards, plate chargers, or table decor.  It's a great way to use up any paper scraps.

3 / Spend some time cleaning out + tidying your drawers as you transition into the new season. Our paper works great as easy drawer liners + is sure to make you smile that next time you pull the handle.  

4 / Get crafty with party decor + fold, paste, staple, decoupage, you-name-it your heart out.  It's a strange time, but we still have so many reasons to celebrate.

5 / Wrap up your gifts, both big + small, with our paper rolls.  It's amazing how taking the time to wrap a present truly elevates the sentiment.  

You can find our current available selection of hand printed paper here.

And our Fall Collection of papers arrives on Tues, Sept. 22nd - on the first day of Fall!!

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